Hair Transplant Blogs

Hair transplant blogs are a great resource of information for would-be hair transplant patients, here are just a few:

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6 Responses to “Hair Transplant Blogs”
  1. Fez says:

    i just had 2312 grafts placed all over my head.. my doc didnt cut the hair for it… and i think i lost a lot of hair on my head during the hair looks to thin now… do you reckon id be able to get em back?

    • JT says:

      It’s hard to say. Native hair can thin out after a procedure due to temporary shock loss. This can be caused by the interruption of blood flow due to the surgery. The hair will grow back eventually and usually starts to regrow about the same time that some of the grafts start to grow in. If you did not have much native hair to begin with then I doubt that much if any damage was inflicted but if your loss was more diffuse and somewhat moderately dense then some damage might have occurred. Having “just” had your procedure, assuming you mean recently, then most likely you are seeing your grafted hairs thinning out and at least some temporary shock loss.

      Try to not focus too much on that now as worrying about it won’t make any difference anyway. Give the procedure time to heal, the hair time to grow, and make your final analysis after ten months.

  2. Ali Mezdegi says:

    I’d like to Hair Transplantation. But I could not find a suitable hair transplantation center.
    SaƧ Ekimi

  3. Dr. Nusbaum says:


    Would you mind adding ours to the list as well? We just started it a couple months ago and frequently update. Our blog is: Thanks in advance!

  4. aiyarogers says:

    Not all people can undergo the hair transplant. Before getting the procedure done to you make sure that you are qualified. Dr. Ray Woods recommend to undergo several tests first before deciding to have hair transplant.

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